Please use this form to submit books for the Between the Covers book club. The deadline for submissions is the end of Friday 27 May 2022 but we would appreciate submissions as early as possible and have aimed to make the submission process as easy as possible to facilitate this.

For this series we would like to receive THREE COPIES of every book submitted, sent to the Cactus TV offices. 


Between the Covers

Cactus TV Studios

1 St Luke's Avenue

London SW4 7LG

Submission criteria:

  • New fiction titles published in the UK between 9 May and 1 November 2022 in either hardback or paperback. Please only submit books which have had their first publication in this period, we are no longer considering books on second publication. We are not looking for any non-fiction for the book club, please only submit fiction.

  • Authors must be UK or Ireland based and happy to participate in a short Covid safe film to explain their plot

  • Books must be widely available for distribution to all bookshops and libraries. For the avoidance of doubt, digital only books will not be considered and while we will consider self-published books we are extremely committed to working with all booksellers and libraries and so books published as print on demand or exclusively with a specific platform will not be considered.

  • Publishers and authors must be prepared to support the campaign including stickering books in print and online, promoting via social media and any advertising or paid for promotions you are doing as well as any further opportunities that may arise.

  • Our final choices must not be part of any commercial book club in the UK. You may submit books you have submitted elsewhere but please make us aware they have been submitted for other book clubs when you submit to us and you must let us know if they are picked for other book clubs during this process.

  • You may submit as many books as you wish but we would ask you to focus on only submitting books you think would really work for the programme - you can see the books that were chosen for the last series and watch previous episodes here

  • Due to operational difficulties in Covid, we are asking you to submit a pdf of the book as well as send THREE COPIES of the book. We commit absolutely to keep this safe and to only share it among our core production team who are choosing the books. If necessary we are happy to sign whatever you need to make this available to us. As we begin reading we may also choose to call in more physical copies of the books. If this is the case, we will let you know how many copies to send and where ASAP. 

If you have any queries please email