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  • The Book Club will run on ITV1 on Sundays as part of Zoe Ball on Sunday

  • The programme runs from 8.30-9.30am

  • The Book Club will be featured for 10 weeks from 18 June to 19 August.

  • Zoe Ball on Sunday along with Zoe Ball on Saturday (ZBoS), will run at the same time every weekend from 14 April till 9 September.

  • The programme will feature live music in every show from established and breakthrough artists; plus star guests, topical chat and the Book Club.

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Key dates:
Submissions deadline: Friday 6 April, end of day
Books chosen by: Tuesday 8 May
First book club date: Sunday 18 June
Final book club date: Sunday 19 August

  • Any mass market paperback published in the UK in 2018 (from January to early August), though for exceptional books we'll accept them from late 2017. We are open to books not currently scheduled in this period where you will change the publication date if they're accepted onto the Book Club.

  • We are looking for your best book club books, the ones you can't stop talking about, that will become the ones Zoe can't stop talking about and that her hundreds of thousands of viewers can't either.

  • Fiction and narrative non-fiction, adult and crossover, any genre, new or established authors.

  • We would prefer these books not to have been part of other high profile book clubs as we want our list to be fresh and exciting to readers.

  • You can submit up to 4 books per imprint but we really do want your best books and we're working to a tight timeframe so if you have one that you think is perfect we'd rather you submitted just that.

  • Deadline for submissions is 6 April BUT we would appreciate early submissions. We will also be using our market knowledge, taste and experience to look at what titles we think would be perfect and calling them in.

  • There will be a small fee for publishers to cover a braille edition to be produced to coincide with the TV campaign. We will have a budget to promote these books in addition to the TV exposure, but we will also want to work closely with you to maximise promotion of any books we choose, so you must also be prepared to commit your own marketing spend.

  • The author must be available for filming and prepared to promote their participation in the Book Club. Please be prepared to bring over any international authors you submit at your own cost.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, self-published books are not eligible and if you are considering submitting from a small publisher we haven't worked with before please get in touch before submitting your books.

About the programme

The Zoe Ball Book Club will be part of Zoe Ball on Sunday. Zoe Ball on Saturday and Zoe Ball on Sunday are a new ITV1 magazine series broadcast every weekend 8.30-9.30am from April ​14th till September 9th. The Book Club will run for 10 weeks from June 17th to August 19th. The series and the Book Club are in association with Specsavers.


  • Each edition of The Book Club will feature Zoe discussing one book with a celebrity fan of the book and will also include a pre-recorded package about the book featuring the author.

  • The pre-recorded packages will be available for publishers (and bookshops and libraries) to promote the book via their own websites and social channels.

  • The Book Club was announced on This Morning on ITV1 on March 21st will be trailed throughout the series from when the programme first broadcasts. Once the Book Club starts the full list of books will be promoted alongside each week's individual book.

How to submit


Submissions should be made via our form by end of day on Friday 6 April.

You must include:

  • Title, author, ISBN, price, publication date etc

  • The AI sheet

  • A full synopsis (not the blurb, we want a detailed synopsis please including the end and any spoilers)

  • Author biography

  • Details of existing marketing support and what extra support you would give were this book chosen

In addition we need THREE copies of each book sent to:

The Zoe Ball Book Club

Cactus TV
Cactus Studios 
1 St Luke’s Avenue
Clapham SW4 7LG

These must arrive no later than Monday 9 April.

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Questions on the submission process can be sent to
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